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Santa Coin
Ai Tools

what we do

Santa have undergone advanced machine learning & is back to give back to the community in cash & kind!


Santa Ai Capability

Santa is evolving into an artificial intelligence giant

Santa Creative

Santa's creative ability can be seen in action & is still developing

Utility for holders

Holding Santa Coin grants users access to our evolving ai tools

The future Bright

Santa team are fast adapting to tech advancement for the benefit of community

You can create amazing art works using our ai image generator

We are working constantly to bring the best of artificial intelligence in creating arts 

our portfolio

AI Images

You too can bring your imaginations to light by creating arts works such as these


Hold santa coin in your wallet, login with the wallet and create your art works

Currently a single querry can generate up to three images

Yes! the AI technology is still at the rudimentry stage, we’ll continue to update as the technology evolve.